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OvrStream is a San Diego-based band of programmers and creatives, dedicated to supporting and empowering the game streaming community. These tech-savvy guys built an automated, animated graphics app that can spice up any stream in just a few clicks. We’ve been on the digital marketing/branding side since its first presentation at TwitchCon in 2016. We designed the logo, illustrations, visual language, the website and a ton of assets for sales and marketers. Not only it was digital: packaging, flyers, even the booth stand on TwitchCon – we were having so much fun fun.


OvrStream TwitchCon 2016 and TwitchCon 2017


Our mission was to lay visual foundation for the brand. Our goal was to connect Ovrstream with the young demographics through positive vibes of easy and fun colors, shapes, images and illustrations.

1. Our demographics was 12 – 24 years olds based in EU and the United States, spending the average of 3 hours per day on gaming.
2. Our demo is well adopting digital opportunities for socializing; playing games with pals as a part friendships and mastering live streaming.

The process
1. We were working side by side with marketers and sales on gathering and translating demographics data into visual space.
2. We took an agile road and moved forward with iterations that included design workshops, review sessions, rapid prototyping and more.

“The success of branding highly relates
to a logo design ”.


Mascot Logo Construction

We selected Peace Sans font for the logo and slightly modified it to reinforce a peaceful, joyful and positive mood set by the mascot.


Logo Font and Tagline

Brand Guidelines

Our goal was to ensure that the team speaks the brand language and uses it consistently. We provided information and tools, as well as outlined the standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces and other design elements in print design and digital communications.

Our main objective was to make sure that anyone who sees the guidelines, whether it’s a web developer or a sales rep, understands what the brand is about and how to use its communication elements. We created a simple, well-structured document that anyone on internal/external team can use for reference when needed.


Color Palette and Gradients

The final document covered:

  • Overall brand’s look and feel
  • Voice and tone
  • Color palettes, forms and shapes
  • Type use
  • Website componen
  • Illustrations and imager

OvrStream Typeface

The icons and illustrations direction that the team selected felt playful and simple, leaving a lot of scope to develop the themes further. We creted a framework of rules, approaches and recommendations for maintaining a cohesive brand. We provided the easy way for creatives and techies to safely experiment with the visual language.


OvrStream Illustrations and Icons Examples

TwitchCon 2017, Long Beach

TwtichCon was the biggest event for OvrStream – a challenging, yet exciting time for Convertux. We were at the forefront of:

  • Booth stand design and decor
  • Merch and packaging design
  • Promo assets design

We developed the alien logo theme to a fun space concept specifically for the event. We went all the way from pen and paper sketches…

sketch logo

Alien Planet at pen and paper stage

…to ready merchandise: T-shirts, bags, flash drives and so much more stuff.

T-shirt Design
T-shirt Design

TwitchCon 2017 Giveaway Prizes

Over the next few weeks we observed a lot of positive feedback in social media. And it always feels good to see people admiring your work:

tweet tweet

Twitter Lorem Ipsum

“We did an amazing design job with our booth.
People came in excited and left happy.”
Todor, Ovrstream CEO


The booth, the photo Frame juicing up Twitter following

Wrapping up

Ovrstream is a living brand, constantly evolving. So are the guidelines and branding. The design work never ends too. While the language we came up with is constantly evolving, our scope of focus has expanded to product design. As you are reading these lines, most probably we are busy improving user experience and increasing brand awareness.

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