Rebuilding Kickstagram


Kickstagram is a San Diego-based startup that helps Instagram marketers and influencers organically grow their audiences. Our mission was to help the young, ambitious team shift to a full-fledged SaaS model by automating manual labor on business and user ends. Our work covered multiple areas:

  1. Business analysis
  2. User experience design
  3. User interface design
  4. Project management
  5. Conversion rate optimization

We made a way from a single time consultant to an ongoing digital marketing partner that helps the company implement key priority projects. Our ongoing journey started with building the user dashboard – the central element in a new business model.

Gathering the requirements

Our first objective was to meet the team and run a series of meetings and observation sessions to see how it all works from the inside.

kickstagram workspace

Convertux guestspace at Kickstagram office

Me and kickstagram Team

Me (Mikhail) meeting with sales and account managers

Our team had to outline the work scope, so digging deeper were accumulating business, functional and user requirements. At the early stages we were mainly using pen and paper and Google Docs, plus we were building a few hybrids of a sitemap & user flows.

user flows

User flows & sitemap. Great for discovering hidden layers of requirements.

planning drafts

First scope planning drafts

Dashboard prototyping and UI

Turning bigger concepts into digestible pieces, prioritizing them basing on business KPIs and team’s capabilities, we were ready to build the design MVP. We started with pen and paper wireframes and moved to a higher fidelity: we used a CoreUI framework in Sketch and created a dynamic prototype for the heaviest functional parts and most crucial flows.

Dynamic prototype example – dashboard walkthrough

Following a number of revisions with web devs and business stakeholders, it was time to kickstart UI production. We had to preserve the original design direction: bold and bright style with vivid imagery; fun, but not silly, informal, but credible. At the same time, we enjoyed the freedom to do some higher-level polishing.

dashboard after dashboard before

Dashboard prototype vs UI (drag left/right)

ui components

Website UI & marketing assets production

Our goal was to build a cohesive experience, and neither the existing website, nor PPC landing pages fit the updated guidelines and newly built dashboard. Not only visually, but functionally too. With the shift towards self-servicing model, we desperately needed to make conversion path as short as possible.

The existing multi-step landing pages aimed at customer profiling, and were not even intended to close deals online. So we have outlined a series of A/B test scenarios for landing pages based on top of refined website.

sketch files work

Wrapping up .sketch files


Homepage UI in our test environment

home mobile
affiliate mobile
pricing mobile

Wrapping up

We have updated design guidelines and helped the team conceptualize, design and implement the core frontend and backend components. We have helped the company complete a major shift to a new business model.
At the moment our team finalizes the preparations for release and starts working on growth marketing strategy.

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